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A book that hones in on Sharlene-Monique's intimate thoughts regarding relationships, marriage, friendship and grief to name a few. Sharlene’s ability to encapsulate the many challenges we all face in daily life in a single thought will leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and challenged.


A daily snapshot on how to live a life of purpose, contentment and intention whilst navigating the many challenges life presents us. There are 31 isolated thoughts that you can choose to read daily over 1 month or whenever you feel you need inspiration throughout the year or throughout life!

‘Honest, direct and plainly written, what Sharlene manages to do is give us all hope. She lets us know that we can do it, whilst making it clear that she herself is still on her journey’.

Karen Gibson MBE

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A New Life - Product Description

A picture story book about the hope, courage & determination of the Windrush generation.. A New Life is the inspiring true story of Sharlene-Monique’s late grand-parents Winston & Mavis who travelled from Jamaica to London to start a new life for their family in 1958. Winston & Mavis’ experiences of moving home, starting a new life as understood by their great granddaughter Tahlia will resonate with young children.


A New Life is a valuable resource for all children.  It helps them learn about the experiences of the Windrush generation and will encourage conversations about their own family stories and how talents and interests are passed down the generations.    


This true story has a compelling message about the importance of our family stories in understanding how courage and perseverance help us overcome challenges.

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My Grandparents (watch in full screen)

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