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For Sharlene-Monique/ Destiny EP

‘Hopeful and empowering lyricism offered on this EP is exactly what the world could use in a world that can often be filled with degrading and hateful messages'


Elicit Magazine

“Destiny” is an expression of gratitude and happiness. As a result, the vibes transfer to the listener and a smile immediately comes on face. Such thoughtful music is hard to find these days and we feel enamored to share it with our readers.


Sharlene-Monique's Destiny is a refreshing slice of sheer bliss. Each of the 4 featured originals were superb, whilst I adore them all my favourite had to be the wonderful Seeing Love

Music Is My Radar

'Sharlene’s voice is as soothing as the lullaby of a tender-loving mother to her toddler. This is straight love pouring. Soulful, mellow and emotive tones that bring you back to your carefree childhood. This is as sweet as Tweet, great songstress with mesmerizing vibes and vocals'

Marcus from Sounds So Beautiful

'Sharlene-Monique is an empowering artist who is destined to succeed with her influential music. As she continues to spread her message of positivity, we’re certain that she will rise as a ray of sunshine in an often gloomy world'

Katrina Rees from CelebMix


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