Support Sharlene-Monique

When Sharlene released her very first music video 'YOU' in 2017 one of her supporters told her that after viewing the music video, they felt hugely impacted and immediately scrolled to the bottom to find a donate link and unfortunately there was not one. 

Being an independent artist is amazing as it's given Sharlene and her husband Chris (Co Writer/Producer/ MD) complete control to share music that they 100% believe in.  If you've listened to Sharlene's music there is a clear theme throughout. Of course the music, vibe and energy within the songs are important but her no.1 purpose is to share 'Music With A Message' & it's evident with every song she releases. So much of mainstream music is explicit & she is proud to provide music for the whole family.

You're donation with contribute to music releases, merchandise, tours and workshops with people of all ages. 

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