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Release date: 5th March 2024 

Reading age: 3-7

Size - 25 x 24 cm


A New Life, a heart-warming picture story celebrating the hope, courage, and determination of the Windrush generation.  Sharlene-Monique navigates the loss of her grand-parents by sharing their inspiring journey in A New Life. The book recounts the true story of Winston and Mavis, who, in 1958, embarked on a courageous journey from Jamaica to London, laying the foundation for a new life for their family.


The experiences of their great-granddaughter, Tahlia, unfold as a poignant narrative, resonating with young readers aged 3-7. It is made all the more special by the viral TikTok video that captured the spirited dance of Sharlene-Monique's 90-year-old grandparents, viewed over 500,000 times across multiple social media platforms.


A New Life stands as a valuable resource for children, offering insights into the Windrush generation's experiences. It sparks conversations about family stories, resilience, and the passing down of talents and interests through generations. Serlina Boyd, founder of Cocoa magazine, praises the book as "a beautiful picture book that tells the story of the brave arrival of Tahlia’s Great-Grandparents embarking on their new life in Britain. A wonderful read for the whole family."


Ilustrated by Tharuka Shyaman

A New Life - Signed Limited Edition Hardback

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